Using Facebook to drive traffic to your website

Tips & Tricks

Driving traffic to your blog is essential. Regardless of the quality of articles you write, without readers, your efforts as a marketer fail.

  • Make your images big and your updates short
  • Link to your blog post in your text update. Use a shortened link such as a to keep your post text looking cleaner.

Make your Updates Short

Yes, you’re driving traffic to your blog article, and your blog article will have lots of text. On Facebook, though, short, witty updates generate the most engagement, and click throughs. Ideally, keep your update one sentence, and under the 140 Twitter character count.

Remember that lots of your Fans are using Facebook on mobile, too. Keep this in mind when you’re creating your text. Make your blog updates a short, clear and intriguing teaser for your blog article.

  • Follow the rule of thumb to keep your Facebook updates under 140 characters. This will force you to condense your text.
  • Make your update a teaser of your blog. Write out 4 or 5 short one-sentence summaries of your article, and choose the most intriguing to post on Facebook.
  • Keep your mobile readers in mind.

Questions naturally invoke a response, don’t they?

Use questions to generate click through actions from your Fans. Make your questions witty, short and intriguing. Keep your readership in mind, and always keep your question related back to your blog article.

There are many types of questions you can ask, from fill-in-the-blank, trivia, personal views, etc.

Use a Short Quote From Your Blog

Give your Fans a taste of your blog post. Include an intriguing quote from your article. Quotes in general are some of the most shared content on Facebook. If a Fan shares your update, they’re more likely to have clicked through to your site, too.

Share Lifestyle or How-To Blog Articles

Generally speaking, your Fans on Facebook don’t just want your product or service. They want you to enhance their life, and their sense of community on Facebook. Let’s face it, Facebook is a place where people go to catch up with their friends. As a business, you need to be posting tips to enrich the lives of your market too.

When you write a lifestyle or how-to blog article, share it on your Facebook Page.

Make a ‘Weekly Or Bi-weekly Wrap Up’:

Every Friday, make a blog post compiling your best articles of the week. Share it on Facebook. This gives your Fans a chance to see your blog articles at a glance. It’s also a great way to get more click throughs, as you’re offering your Fans article options.

When you post a “Weekly Wrap Up”, make a lookbook of your article images. This creates a very pretty and enticing update to your Facebook Fans.

Embed Short Blog Video

Get creative with your blog images. Make a short Vine or Instagram video to show your readers the essence of your blog article. Then embed the video on your Facebook Page.

By embedding the video, your Fans can get a taste of what your article is about without leaving the site. If your video is enticing enough, your Fans will engage with your post, and click through to your blog article.

Share Other People’s Blog Content

While it may seem counter-intuitive, sharing other people’s content is actually a brilliant strategy in driving more traffic to your blog site.

Social media is all about sharing. So, share blog content from industry leaders, your Fans, and other reputable sources. Use articles that are relevant to your market, and that relate to your business too.

This strategy makes your business look more willing to share (and thus gain reciprocal Fan shares), your customers will appreciate your informative content (which can gain customer loyalty), and the businesses you’ve shared will be more likely to share your content to their Fans too (which can bring new traffic to your blog).


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