How to master SEO

How to master SEO

Tips & Tricks

Most people make SEO (search engine optimization) out to be complicated. But SEO only appears complicated because you haven’t been given the necessary information to fully understand it.

Once you have this information, you can make an informed decision about whether you want to handle building great SEO for yourself or hire someone. And, if you do choose to hire an expert, you can be smarter about selecting the right person or firm.

The truth about SEO

·      If you want clients to find your website so they can hire you, you need good SEO.

·      To get good SEO your website needs to be respected by the major search engines.

·      To get respected by the major search engines, your site needs to be built with code and structural integrity.

·      When your site “breaks the rules” of code and structural integrity, you get graded lower by the search engines.

·      When your site follows the rules, SEO happens on its own; it’s just that it takes at least six months to get that respect, short of buying your way there (which I don’t recommend.)

Get the definitive SEO guide

The first place to go to is Google’s SEO guide.



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