Etsy’s Reign of Terror – Discrimination and Abuse


Most of the press we encounter about Etsy talks about how great and innovative of a company it is and how they give small artists and artisans a chance to sell their wares in a global market. But that is only a partial truth, no one is talking about what happens behind the scenes, about the corpses scattered all over and the lives left in ruins along the way.

Who knows if they are going to want you as a shopkeeper six months from now? I have heard far too many stories of Etsy shops being shut down literally overnight for one reason or another. Always remember that when it comes down to it, it’s still their “shop” and they have the power to close you down if they feel like you have somehow violated their “terms of service”.

This is one of the reasons that I always encourage artists to create their own online home first and then branch off into these other social media sites and online marketplaces. Use these websites like the tools they are, and not as your complete online identity. Remember to always send your visitors to your own website first and then link out from there to your Etsy shop, Twitter, or Facebook page.

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