AHA! at Briarcliff


Last year we created this site for an amazin’ organization in Austin. AHA! (aka Accessible Housing Austin!)

AHA! at Briarcliff, is a new, integrated, 27-unit apartment complex for very low-income people both with and without disabilities.

So far they have raised 92% of the construction costs! We invite you to help us raise the last $360,000!

Read more about the project here: http://www.ahaustin.org/aha-at-briarcliff/ And You can donate directly to AHA! via Paypal.

Accessible Housing Austin! was founded in 2005 by disability rights advocates who recognized that the scarcity of housing was a critical issue for people with disabilities. AHA! is the only housing non-profit in Austin led by members of the disability community whose mission is to provide affordable, accessible, integrated housing for low-income people with disabilities.