AHA! at Briarcliff


Last year we created this site for an amazin’ organization in Austin. AHA! (aka Accessible Housing Austin!)

AHA! at Briarcliff, is a new, integrated, 27-unit apartment complex for very low-income people both with and without disabilities.

So far they have raised 92% of the construction costs! We invite you to help us raise the last $360,000!

Read more about the project here: http://www.ahaustin.org/aha-at-briarcliff/ And You can donate directly to AHA! via Paypal.

Accessible Housing Austin! was founded in 2005 by disability rights advocates who recognized that the scarcity of housing was a critical issue for people with disabilities. AHA! is the only housing non-profit in Austin led by members of the disability community whose mission is to provide affordable, accessible, integrated housing for low-income people with disabilities.

Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

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When creating images and graphics for social media it’s imperative you use the correct sizes for your imagery if you want to be seen as a professional and taken seriously. This begs the question — what sizes should I use?

Searching through help sections for each and every social site or even worse browsing forums takes hours. Luckily there’s a handy guide which is always updated online.

In this quick-scroll world of social media, the visual face of your brand is often times the first thing your audience sees and it might be the one thing they remember. You can’t cut and paste an image and reuse it across all of your social networks — each one has different and constantly-evolving guidelines for images.

To optimize your social presence, you must ensure that the images you’re using to represent you or your brand are the highest quality and the best fit for the various networks and placements. To help, we’ve outlined the best image sizes for each social network and image types; and to ensure you’re as up-to-date as possible, we’ll revise the article as the networks change their formats.

Read the rest at ttp://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-image-sizes-guide/

Why Build an Email List?


More than 70% of users who abandon your website will probably never come back unless they buy something from you, or you successfully get them to subscribe to your email list.
Email is private, personal, and by far the most direct form of communication on the internet. Most people check their inbox more than their social media streams. An email will stay in the inbox unless a user takes action on it. On social media, your message will get buried into user’s timeline.

Want to send email updates to subscribers when you publish a new blog post? check out this Guide to Using MailChimp and WordPress

Why you shouldn’t stick solely with Etsy as your online shop.

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Want to know why you shouldn’t stick solely with Etsy as your online shop and presence?

Let’s go through the 10 Reasons Why Etsy is a Starting Point (but only a starting point).

10. If your customer’s friend asks them where they got your product, they’ll answer, ‘Etsy!’ And then what are the chances they’ll be able to search Etsy effectively enough to find you?

9. Every time Etsy changes something, you’re stuck adhering to those changes, no matter if it destroys your SEO unless you spend 8 hours re-configuring every tag and description in your class.

8. You’re limited in how many videos you can show off.

7. You can’t have a mailing list sign-up and thus you can’t keep in contact with your past customers. Did you know that a mailing list is your #1 money maker?

6. You get hit by double fees every time you sell something.

5. You’re stuck in the low price atmosphere that Etsy users have created and thus the customers are sucked into it too.

4. Everyone can see how successful (or not) you are thanks to the stats on the side. It doesn’t let you quite ‘fake it till you make it’.

3. Etsy can’t automatically send files if you have a digital item. Thus it’s more work for you.

2. You can’t tie it to your blog in terms of one website for Google search engines.

1. It holds you back from developing your own site and becoming a true maker and business owner, not just an Etsy seller. Mentally, you have a harder time seeing yourself as a business owner.


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How to Increase Traffic to Your WebSite

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  1. Use a Professional Blog Design
  2. Your Website Design needs to look great on ALL devices.
  3. Ensure Your Website is SEO Friendly
  4. Blog Consistently
  5. Choose Your Topics Wisely
  6. Write High Quality Articles
  7. Interact with Your Readers
  8. Make It Easy For Visitors to Share Your Content
  9. Grow Your Online Presence
  10. Analyse Your Traffic
  11. Promote Your Blog
  12. Be Patient

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Etsy’s Reign of Terror – Discrimination and Abuse


Most of the press we encounter about Etsy talks about how great and innovative of a company it is and how they give small artists and artisans a chance to sell their wares in a global market. But that is only a partial truth, no one is talking about what happens behind the scenes, about the corpses scattered all over and the lives left in ruins along the way.


Who knows if they are going to want you as a shopkeeper six months from now? I have heard far too many stories of Etsy shops being shut down literally overnight for one reason or another. Always remember that when it comes down to it, it’s still their “shop” and they have the power to close you down if they feel like you have somehow violated their “terms of service”.

This is one of the reasons that I always encourage artists to create their own online home first and then branch off into these other social media sites and online marketplaces. Use these websites like the tools they are, and not as your complete online identity. Remember to always send your visitors to your own website first and then link out from there to your Etsy shop, Twitter, or Facebook page.

Read more at: http://skinnyartist.com/is-etsy-dying/

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The Tragic Password Mistake Hackers Are Hoping You’ll Make


You’re smart. You don’t use passwords like the perennial 123456 and qwerty. Or even slightly better ones, like Cassie86 or Cubs1908. Because you put some thought into them, your passwords are better than those, right?

Maybe. But unless you avoid a little-known mistake recently uncovered by password researchers, there’s a good chance your passwords will still be far easier for hackers to crack than you think.